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  SWOJIN was originated from HSU SHENG HANG (which is now HSU JENN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.). In 1973, Mr. Yuan - Rong Lee established HSU SHENG HANG and produced 100% cotton towel fabric, SJ422 California shoes producing appropriative insole and NON-WOVEN CONTOUR etc…

These products are favored by NIKE and been used by its shoe suppliers, especially with FENG TAY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. in Douliou Region.

In 1988, in order to have better work division and serve more customers, Mr. Tee Lee established SWOJIN Enterprise Co .,Ltd. to research and manufacture, such as AURORA 2D MESH, AURORA 3D MESH ,COLOR-PATTERN T-PU , PET-RECYCLED FIBER + PP Insole and FULL VENT-BREATHABLE RUBBER PRENE etc… Among these products, FULL VENT-BREATHABLE RUBBER PRENE is even awarded patent by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Recently, with global warming problem getting worse, eco-engineering is one very important thing that can’t be ignored. SWOJIN and its cooperative teams have been working towards this direction since 1991 and SWOJIN expects itself to make the contributions to the eco-environmental awareness. PET BOTTLE RECYCLED is one of the instances. In 2009, SCS GLOBAL SERVICES (USA) confirmed our efforts and professions; furthermore, awarded us eco-environmental certificate.

We believe that only the eco-friendly and environmental harmless products can survive under the “Green Fashion” of nowadays; Products with functions would be competitive.
Having above two characteristics will be the main stream products in the future. SWOJIN will be following this belief and puts efforts in researching and developing more eco and function-orientated products.

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